Bungee jumping is considered as one of the most daring adventure sport in the world. It includes jumping from a high cliff or from a tall fixed platform where the jumper is connected to a large elastic rope. However it’s a brand new trend in India, the travelers also love this kind of dangerous adventure activity also. The platform for bungee jumping is usually a fixed object like a bridge, a crane or a high cliff etc.  However it is also possible to have a bungee jumping experience from a moving object like glider, chopper or a hot air balloon also but the preferred way for jumping is a fix platform object.

Bungee jumping

In India there are very few places where travelers can enjoy this adventure sports because it is something very new in India. The only place in India where you can enjoy bungee jumping from a fixed platform is – the Jumpin Heights, near Rishikesh (Uttarakhand).The exact location is Mohan Chatti, 15 kms from Rishikesh. At Jumpin Heights you can enjoy three different kinds of adventure activities from the same or different platform.  The three activities at Jumpin Heights are, the normal Bungee Jump, The Flying Fox, and The Great Swing.


 Weight – Minimum 25 kg – Maximum  110 kg

Activity Rate List:-

Bungee Jumping  Rs 2500/- per person
 Swing  Rs 2500/- per person
 Flying Fox  Rs 1500/- per person (Group of three)Rs 2500/- (Single person)
 Repeat Jump  Rs 1500  per person for Bungee jump  and SwingRs 1000  per person for Flying Fox





Combo Rate  List:-


Combo 1: Bungee+ Swing  Rs 4000/- per person
 Combo 2: Bungee+Fox  Rs 4000/- per person
 Combo 3: Swing+Fox  Rs 3500/-  per person
 All 3 jumps  Rs 5000/-  per person




Happy Holidays and Have Fun


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