Camping is an open-air outdoor activity for those who are adventure loving and desire to fell in love with beautiful nature. Travelers who wish to take pleasure in the natural outdoors uttermost, camping is perfect choice. And so the best location for camping is mountains, desert areas, Seashores etc. Camping might be a friends and family camping, weekend camping, winter camping, wild Jungle camping and so. Camping also offer pleasures like nature walks, trekking, fishing and bonfire which is truly enjoyable.

Camping in Himalyas

India has numerous mountain ranges, jungles and plains that offer you to stay a little bit away from your stressful routine. After spending sometime away in the lap of nature one can find some relief from their hectic schedule. Camping is usually carried out in lap of nature for peacefulness and fun. Camping in India offers a lot more than long strolls and other usual adventure activities.
It can be a thrilling experience as well as moments of extreme pleasure, as one actually gets a chance to spend night underneath the moon and stars – is a best approach to grasp the vastness of the amazing universe. Camping is the exciting activity of exploring nature and can leave you with plenty of unforgettable moments to cherish throughout your life.

Camping Adventure

Camping in the castles of snow covered mountains in the middle of green stretches, 1000s of feet above the sea level tends to make you spellbound with the actual attractiveness of nature and also the mind blowing peace infused by it.

The best places in India for camping activity are:-

Himachal Pradesh








Beach camping at Rishikesh


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