Having a diverse geography, Indian sub-continent is definitely a land stuffed with matchless wild treasures. The wide natural canopy of India offers nature enthusiasts some unique forest reserves to look in to the arena of untamed wildlife in India where “survival of fittest theory” does apply.

Wildlife in India

Resulting from distinct climatic conditions and diversified topographical attributes, India is the second largest nation on the planet that is endowed with exceptional flora and fauna. India possesses a countless variety of hundreds of species of animals, thousands of species of birds, and various other species of reptiles, amphibians and plants. A total of 441 wildlife sanctuaries and 166 national parks of India offer shelter to such wide variety of wildlife. The Royal Bengal Tiger and Indian Elephants can be found in almost every part of India.




You can find several wildlife sanctuaries that you can explore in the wildlife trips in India and all of these wildlife sanctuaries possess something fascinating to offer.





Some of these wildlife sanctuaries are:-

Jim Corbett National Park: Uttaranchal

Ranthambore National Park: Rajasthan

Kaziranga National Park: Assam

Sundarban National Park: West Bengal, India

Gir National Park and Sanctuary, Sasangir, Gujarat

Sariska National Park: Rajasthan

Periyar National Park: Kerala

Bandhavgarh National Park


All of these wildlife sanctuaries in India could possibly be experienced on a safari within the national parks. The wildlife tours in India
are definitely the ideal way to discover the wilder aspect of the nation. The assortment offered by these national parks probably will make the adventure
a lot more exciting, and India undoubtedly provides you with memorable attractions on the Wild life adventure journey.

Go wild and have Fun.

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