Andhra Pradesh commonly known as the ‘Rice Bowl of India’ is the 4th largest state of the nation. Telugu is the most commonly spoken language here, followed by Urdu and Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. This state offers the spiciest dishes in India, Kuchipudi- the traditional classical dance also come from this state. Andhra Pradesh is certainly split in to four regions: Telangana, Rayalaseema, Northern Coast and Southern Coast.


An Indian Beach

Andhra Pradesh Tourism offers exciting holiday destinations bringing in tourists from far and wide. It is an alluring state of Southern India rendered with a thousand kilometers long coastline. Beaches and seashores are its primary attractions where travelers come to spend their vacations in the lap of beauty and serenity. Its enchanting tourist attractions will definitely leave you spellbound with their charm and attractiveness.

Presently there are total twenty three districts in Andhra Pradesh in which nine districts are coastal areas and two major rivers, the Godavari and the Krishna run across the state.
The state is typically the home of many religious pilgrim centers. One of the ancient and richest temples, Sri Tirmala Venkateswara Swamy Temple, located in the state.

Andhra Pradesh captures the hearts of travelers with its amazing attractions. Several of the main attractions within its sleeves are wonderful temples, flowing waterfalls, arresting hill stations, prosperous tradition, historical monuments, unique bio-diversity, and beautiful lakes. Covered through palm trees, beaches of the state are really enchanting. Offering scenic landscapes and enjoyable and relaxing environment, the beaches are the perfect spots to chill out. You can also get pleasure from adventure sports activities at the beaches. Some of the famous beaches of the state are Mypad, Bheemunipatnam, Ramakrishna, Rishikonda and Manginapudi. Spend a while at these beaches and you will probably discover yourself to be entirely revitalized.



A few of the famous beaches in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh Beach Holidays

Mypad beach


The Mypad Beach is most significant beach in Andhra Pradesh among the all. The Mypad Beach is also called the Mypad Beach, which is actually the Telegu name of the beach. This Beach lies on the coastline of Bay of Bengal and boosts its visitors with sizzling beauty and is definitely an incredible sightseeing in Andhra Pradesh. The Beach is merely eighteen kilometers from the district headquarter of Nellore and one can get there quite easily and enjoy the awesome beauty of the nature.


Ramakrishna beach


It is a well known beach of Visakhapatnam, offered with relaxing environment and peaceful waters. Often known as the RK Beach, it is situated at a distance of five Kilometers from the main city. Swimming, sun baths and beach volley ball are favorite adventures on the beach. The aquarium right here is a preferred destination for your kids.


Rishikonda beach

Rishikonda Beach

It’s really a best destination to unwind and relax your senses in a perfect manner. Warm exotic stretches and Sea waves make this location truly worth visiting. Rishikonda Beach is merely eight kilometers from Vishakhapatnam Rushikonda Beach is full with glowing fine sand and the neat and clean waves coming right away from the Bay of Bengal. Possessing a great stretch of water, it is really an ideal beach for experiencing a variety of water sports like swimming, wind surfing and water skiing.

Bheemunipatnam beach

This beautiful beach could be an ideal destination for newly-weds on their honeymoon to enjoy romantic moments along with the blue sea water and palm trees swaying in cool breeze. The bheemunipatnam Beach is situated Twenty-four kilometers from the main city of Vishakhapatnam. It gives you a comfortable and peaceful ambiance and also ensures fully fledged entertainment for the tourists.

Manginapudi beach

Machilipatnam beach

The Manginapudi Beach is situated Eleven kilometer from the Machilipatnam in Krishna District with the nearest Railway station, Vijaywada. It possesses a great historical background and is known for the Dutch experiences associated with the region. The Beach serves as the gateway for commercialized activities in India and is also a all-natural harbor in India. The natural surroundings of the spot are extremely distinctive and offer unique sight to the visitors. Manginapudi Beach also is a location for the peacefulness and pleasure.

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