Daman & Diu is the 2nd smallest Union Territory of India and is situated on the western coastline of India. Daman and Diu are two individual places, geographically located around the state of Gujarat. Diu is close to Junagarh within Saurashtra Peninsula of Gujarat while Daman is near the township of Vapi in southern Gujarat. The people of Daman and Diu appear to be similar as the people from the neighboring Gujarat region. They possess same attitude and outlook and also the identical traditions and customs as typical in nearby Guajarati area. The human population includes majority of Hindus as well as couple of Muslims and Christians. Gujarati is the vocal language of the people in Daman and Diu. 

A beach view

Diu is founded on the Gulf of Cambay and it is split up through the southern extremity of the Saurashtra peninsula by a narrow channel near Veraval Port. Daman possesses a slightly humid and mild climate while Diu offers a pleasing and sultry climate.

A very popular fair usually called as Gangaji fair takes place every year in the Somnatha Mahadev temple near the village Dabhel. Large numbers of people both from within the region along with tourists gather at this place and take holy bath in the water reservoir/tank and worship Lord Shiva to take their blessings.

Portuguese Fort of Diu

The beaches in Daman and Diu are surely an ideal destination for family holiday trips. The crowd here at these beaches not only enjoy swimming in the sea but also seen normally in making castles of sand and splashing in the sea waves with their drenched feet taking pleasure in the Seashore breeze Diu is among the most beautiful and incredible locations in India that split up from the mainland through a narrow channel.
The Chakratirth beach is a must visit place in Diu having its open-air auditoriums. The landscaping gardens and also the illuminated foothills really are the big attractions at Chakratirth beach. A very popular beach in the shape of a horseshoe is NaGoa beach. Here is some stuff regarding the Beaches of Daman Diu to plan an unforgettable tour.


Nagoa beach

Nagoa Beach - Daman and Diu
The specialty of this beach is that it is a palm-fringed, widely stretched, open ended and quiet beach. The beach is just twenty minutes drive from the main city of Diu. The Beach is extremely beautiful and peaceful of the beach made it a core of attraction among visitors in Daman and Diu. The shape of the beach is like a horse shoe and one can enjoy numerous water sports activities here at the same time. It is absolutely a safe option for swimming at the seashore. A continuous whisper of Hoka trees swaying in the intoxicating sea breeze can certainly tends to make you cheerful all day long. The attractiveness of the Nagoa beach and peacefulness in the environment offer the tourists a peace and happiness beyond expectations.


Devka and Jampore beach

Devka is really an untamed and beautiful beach having a long coast line located to the north of Daman. There also is a famous amusement park on the beach with multiple -colored water fountains that really make this beach an incredible destination in Daman and Diu.


Daman-Devka Beach
Located to the south of Daman nearby the Gujarat border, Jampore is the perfect place for a peaceful holiday. The wide-range of the beach line together with the uninterrupted solitude and tranquility makes Jampore a real paradise for the adventure and sea-lovers. This is also a best suitable beach for swimming as it is risk free.


Have a peaceful holiday in Daman and Diu.

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