Gujarat is the most developed state of India and also a very colorful state in India. Gujarat is in western region of India and is the birthplace of the father of the nation of India – Mahatma Gandhi. The state comprises of mountains in the western region and a part of fertile land in the southern part of state along with the the mudflats in the northern part which adjoins the Thar desert.


Gujarat India



Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach,

Ahmedpur Mandvi is one of the best beaches around the Gujarat shoreline and is one of the best beaches in gujarat. The seaside is white and sandy and is renowned place of Gujarat Tourism, ideal for walks, and the water is best for swimming. Seemingly unending, with sands suitable for castle creation for youngsters, and shallow waters for the wading, it is a wonderful spot for a family holiday.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach - Beaches in Gujarat


A range of water sports like Surfing, Para sailing, Water scooters, Skiing, Speedboat journeys could possibly be experienced. Ahmedpur Mandvi is on the border of the Union Territory of Diu.

Gopnath Beach

Gopnath is just 80 kms from Bhavnagar in the state of Gujarat. Previously it was the summer time residence of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singh of Bhavnagar. The amazingly beautiful beach coast with its magnificent limestone cliffs and excellent views, sea breezes and colorful birdlife, created an outstanding break from the city over the summer season months. However, the large tidal difference from the coast makes the water stormy and not extremely inviting for a prolonged swim. Gopnath is the base for some magnificent sightseeing.

Somnath Beach

The Somnath beach is somewhat unshaded but it is a beautiful site to look around. Essentially the most magnificent sight of beach front is the fishing port situated on the beach, usually the place where thousands of trawlers, country crafts and dhows is likely to be viewed unloading their catch.

Kutch Mandvi Beach

A different and fine beach among beaches in Gujarat is the Kutch Mandvi Beach, a historic port and town of the Maharao’s of Kutch. The port of Mandvi was a vital sea trade post about the near east and Far East, which brought prosperity for the Royal family of Maharao’s. Mandvi town was crucial city to the Maharao’s of Bhuj and endowed with some splendid palaces and buildings. For peace and tranquility, check out the Maharao’s personal beach, accessible for a little fee.

Beaches in Gujarat


You can also View the sunset from the pavilion. Mandvi beach has wonderful blue waters, lots of birds, sandy shoreline and colorful fishing points. Following to the seashore are the docks where wooden ships are usually developed. Kutch Mandvi is one among the best beaches in gujarat

Chorwad Beach

Chorwad, a smaller fishing village in the state of Gujarat is really a good place to get pleasure. Chorwad is renowned for its rocky shores and boat riding. It is actually the base point to visit destinations like Porbandar, Somnath and so forth. A resort is there which was previously a palace constructed by Nawab Saheb Mohabbat Khan as a holiday spot on sizzling summertime days where he held royal banquets and processions amidst awesome breezes from the sea.


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