Lakshadweep is a name of a cluster of islands which are situated on west coast of India and captivate numerous travelers throughout the globe. Lakshadweep is India’s smallest union territory. The name basically means “Hundred Thousand Islands” in Sanskrit. The administrative capital of the Lakshadweep is the Kavaratti Island, and this is probably the most developed island of the Lakshadweep.  Adventure fanatics will likely to have great time in Lakshadweep, mainly renowned for its coral reefs. It enchants the travelers of every age and offers some life time memories for being cherished. The outstanding attractiveness of this virgin island cannot be described in words.

Kadmat Island - Lakshadweep

Rich assortment of plants and creatures bound within this attractive ecosystem definitely makes the location a wonderland. Lakshadweep is just a couple of kilometers from the Malabar Coastline of Kerala. Lakshadweep goes through an exotic climate. It rains here moderate to heavy throughout the monsoon or from May to mid-September.

The Lakshadweep Islands possess a very rich marine flora and fauna. The region not yet explored much and covers rich tropical marine life that include- the turtles, sea shells, the beautiful transparent jelly fish which change its shape usually, and needless to say, the dangerous sharks. Lakshadweep tourism delivers excellent possibilities for a number of fascinating adventure sports activities to experience. Blessed with spectacular water bodies, it’s actually among the most appropriate destinations for water sports and adventure. It offers facilities for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, yachting and much more.  The best place for nature tourism, Lakshadweep’s six islands are wide and varied and interesting in their own individual way.

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