Orissa is situated on India’s east coast. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east and by the states of Bihar in the north, Madhya Pradesh in the West, West Bengal in the north east, and Andhra Pradesh in the south. The state can be divided broadly into four natural divisions: the northern plateau, the Eastern Ghats, the central tract, and the coastal plains. Orissa is a place like no other, a glowing green jewel of a state.

A panoramic view in state of Orissa

Orissa has additionally been the home of the Kalinga and Utkal tribes that played out an especially prominent role in the region’s history, and another of the earliest references to the ancient Kalingas appears in the writings of Vedic chroniclers. Orissa is still mainly tribal, with many villages still off-limits to outsiders, but the state is also well-known due to the “Tribal Tourism.” The panoramic beauty of the area so much overpowers your spirit that the poet within you is awakened. This awesome land of fascinating beauty offers colorful festivals round the year. Orissa is also the land of distinctive handicrafts and other excellent artifacts. One of the best benefits of Orissa‘s vast areas of unspoilt natural scenery has been its ability to offer a protected yet natural habitat to the state’s extraordinary wildlife.  Orissa has its own way of celebrating the fairs and festivals. A few of the famous fairs and festivals of Orissa are the Makar Mela on Kalijal Island, Chilka Lake, Durga Puja, the festival of Lord Lingaraja of Bhubaneshwar, the Tribal fair of Bhubaneshwar,  and the Rath Yatra in Puri. Orissa is also blessed with peaceful beaches that compel the traveler to share their charm.

Some of the finest beaches of Orissa are:-

Aryapalli Beach: – One of the prominent Orissa beaches, Aryapalli is located at a distance of 6 km and 30 km from Chatrapur and Berhampur. Its bracing and invigorating climate adds freshness to the soul.  The calm sea, clean beach and casuarina plantation just enhances the overall experience. One can possibly sit around the beach amidst the calmest environs and the gigantic waves that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The best time to visit Aryapalli beach is between the months of October and June. The pleasant weather coupled with the natural scenic beauty adds to the delight of the tourists who visit the spot during that time period.

A busy view of a beach in Orissa

Balighai Beach: – Balighai beach is a very popular picnic spot, located near the holy seaside city of Orissa. It is situated at a distance of about 8 km from the holy city of Puri, which is caressed by the turbulent waters of the Bay of Bengal. This Orissa Beach is uniquely located at the Bay of Bengal and river Nuanai. The beach is a major attraction as it is a great place to enjoy time with friends and family. The beach fine sand glitters on full moon nights giving it a magical feel. You can find small forests around the beach and you may spot some deers. It is relatively quiet and secluded as compared with other beaches in Orissa.

Chandipur Beach: – It is located in Baleshwar district of Orissa. At first sight there seems to be nothing that would differentiate it from rest of the beaches in world except for its flatness that also makes it one of the widest beaches in the entire country. The sea at Chandipur doesn’t have undercurrent or quick sands and visitors can splash water just as much as they like. Swimmers, at times can catch-hold of the tiny fish, sea-shells and red-crabs, scattered on the endless shore. The seashore has gleaming water and casuarinas trees that have made it a well-known holiday spot of the seashore lovers. The perfect time to visit Chandipur beach is between October to April.

Gopalpur Beach: – Serene Atmosphere, immense sailing opportunities and plenty of fun and frolic await you at one of the most pristine beaches of Orissa.  Gopalpur beach is about 16 km away from Berhampur in Orissa. It is largest brackish salt-water lagoon in Asia. Another major attraction around the beach is the Taptapani.  The cool breeze of the sea offers a freshness to the intense hit of the summer, its clean blue water just persuade the sea lover to take deep bath, experience the sea food and the coconut water. Fishing, surfing, sailing, boating and yachting are some of the popular water-based activities activities on Gopalpur Beach. The best time to visit the beach lies between the months of October to April.


Puri Beach:- Fine white sands, roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal and countless devotees rushing the place to get a purification dip are the synonyms to the Puri Beach. The home of lord Jagannath invites a large number of devotees each year. The morning and evening hours on the beach is really as charming as the voluminous waves which flatters the minds of the beach-lovers. Water-sport lovers can sprinkle themselves with a hand packed with saline water. Fishing is most often found at the location of the Puri beach and is also the source of income for most of the fishermen. The popular beach can be explored all the year round, but the ideal time is between October to April.

Paradeep Beach: – Paradeep beach is amongst the finest beaches in India, where people can engage in a long time playing in the water and creating sand sculptures. Paradeep which is an estuary of the Mahanadi has evergreen forests, with islands and creeks, a good marine drive and beach. This beach is Ninety four kilometers from Cuttack and 125 kilometers from Bhubaneswar. The best time to visit here is during the month of November to March. It is really a fine beach where visitors can possibly spend a couple of hours soaking under the sun or frolicking within the lovely blue waters. Paradeep isn’t just being famed due to the eloquent beauty but is also being attracted by the majority of the vacationers due to the existence of other attractions nearby to the beach and this includes Temple of Baladeva, Gahirmatha beach, Jhankad and Bhitarkanika National Park.

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