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Love traveling and want to explore the most out of your trip to the most fascinating and charming destinations across incredible India, then Hold Your Horses and take a look to decide out  your next tour to the most alluring travel destinations in India.

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INDIA – As we know is the seventh largest nation in terms of area, offering the travelers a wide variety of geography, climate, culture, and traditions to enjoy all across its territory. One can enjoy all kind of sightseeing in India ranging from the Great Himalayas from north to the very Beautiful Beaches along with Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. India also has a large number of valleys, plateaus, planes, the water bodies and a desert in western part of India.

Large in size and great in scope, India is a real paradise for tourists. Travel incredible India to uncover and understand about its unique aspects. India is the home of a few of the most ancient civilizations and possesses many answers to catch the attention of its visitors and travelers. Those who ever believed of going through the mystic splendor of hills, unique attraction from the beach locations, flowing beauty on the rivers and the adventure in the jungles, a tour of India will likely be the perfect choice for you.

Shimla - North India

Tourism in india offer you a great deal of diverse selection to provide the flavors of all types for travelers of all kinds. Additionally, holidays in various Indian tourist destinations are a perfect mixture of excitement and leisure. Whether it is a historical tour of India or even the leisure tour, the satisfaction is associated with all.


Some of the main attractions and tourist places in India are-

Hill Stations in India

Pilgrimage Destinations in India

Wildlife Destinations in India

Beach Holidays in India


Hill stations in India can simply pleasure you with the feel of paradise on earth because of its pure natural beauty that attracts tourists from across the globe. The Hill station tour in India is definitely a perfect choice to have a piece of mind from your daily routine. This trip can allow you to discover the beautiful hillsides, snow covered mountains, amazing valleys, attractive waterfalls, all season cool climates, lush green landscapes and endless experiences to explore.


iNDIA HILL STATIONIn spite of the fact that India is a country with diverse landscapes and varied geographical locations one can locate a Hill Station in almost each region of India, simply because of a number of mountain ranges existing in fact in every part of India.

One of the most famous Mountain range to explore the sheer beauty of nature is the Great Himalayas extended from Jammu and Kashmir in north to Arunachal Pradesh in east. The other Well-known Mountain ranges in India are The Arravali Hills, The Satpura Mountain range, The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats.


The sweeping valleys and lush landscape of your Himalayan assortment while in the north offer you a few of the best holidays in India. Aside from panoramic views, fascinating atmosphere and also a peaceful jaunt, travelers can also go for several trekking trails in the Himalayas, the majority of which are virtually pristine.


The spiritual diversity of India can be seen clearly in the large number of pilgrimage destinations spread throughout India.Multicultural India

The spiritual land of India offers numerous holy pilgrimage destinations that are of uttermost spiritual significance for the people of the nation and from abroad.

A number of religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism Sikhism and Islam have their origins deeply embedded in India, which truly provide a unique illustration of multicultural diversity of the country. The devotees from all corners around the world visit India to experience the religious tranquility and spiritual power hidden within the numerous pilgrimage destinations in this holy land



Wild life India

Wildlife tours in incredible India are whole of fun and adventure. India has several nationwide parks and wildlife sanctuaries dwelling distinctive species of birds and animals. Wildlife safaris inside these national parks and sanctuaries are probably the most exciting segment of any wildlife tour. You will get pleasure during your stay with the remarkable and cozy wildlife resorts in India. It is an incredible experience to look at the exceptional jungle life.



Beach Holiday IndiaBeach holidays in India are relaxing and rejuvenating. Many travelers throng the beaches of Goa and Kerala almost every year. The shining sands, serene waters, palm-fringed edges and outstanding variety of seafoods are available at the beach locations. Get ready to enjoy immense pleasure and adventure during your holiday visit at the various beach destinations of Incredible India. These are extremely clean and preferred honeymooners’ paradise excessively. As part of your beach holiday in India, you may experience a comfortable stay in the beautiful beach resorts.



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