The western part of India comprises of the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat mainly. Tour to West India is certainly one to relax at the sea-shores, take pleasure in a multi-cultural cocktail and take enjoyment in the culinary treats. Along with the particular geographic attractiveness, this specific region also offers a substantial number of traditional monuments and adventure options bringing in a diverse number of travelers to go with West India tours.

West India Location
On the western coastline is Goa, the colour, celebrations, beaches and church buildings, it is exactly what Goa is centered on. Goa is very popular tourist destination for the foreign people visiting India. Lately this area was once affected by the drug peddlars and Hippies . They haven’t yet been completely eliminated however their existence is practically nil today. Goa is land exactly where people are celebrating all throughout the year. Folk songs & popular music combined with local produced brew Fenni delivers a great influence that is certainly experienced no where else in India.

Main Tourist Attraction of West India:-

Hill stations of west India

Wildlife Destinations of West India

Pilgrimage Destinations in West India

Mumbai-West India


Some of the very popular Hill Stations in West India Are:-



Khandala is like an ideal picture endowed hill station in west India with stunning lakes, hills carpeted with lush green grass, glossy valleys and amazing cascades. Located at the foothills of the Sahyadri hills, Khandala is really a must see hill station especially during monsoon season.

western ghats at khandala hill station


Khandala has waterfalls with winding ways, and spectacular lakes also. The Dukes point along with the kalra hills provide great choice for adventure sports like rock climbing. Marked with hotels and lodges that range from mid to high budgets, this place suits just about every pocket.



At 1372 meters above sea level, around Lake Venna, this is the highest hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar is considered the most wonderful and the major of all hill-stations in Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar in Sanskrit signifies God of Amazing Power.

Mahabaleshwar Hill station


It had been the summer capital of Governor of the old Bombay Presidency the Britishers built several estates, bungalows and cottages throughout the town, lending it an enchanting elegance. You can discover thirty valley views with beautiful scenery scattered all over the hill station and its entry roads make it perfect for pleasant treks and walks.


Mount Abu

Mount Abu is located 1720 meters above sea level in the state of Rajasthan and is an incredible hill station of west India. The highest and also the most breathtaking peak of Mount Abu as well as of Aravali mountain range is the Guru Shikhar. A specific level of peace surrounds the temple that is built on this peak. This peak offers an amazing view of this entire town.

One can find even exciting treks & picnic spots with awesome scenic beauty. It is generally known as ‘an oasis inside the desert’, as its height is home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests. This is also the highest point between the Nilgiris in the south and the Himalayan range upwards north.  Mount Abu is well viewed as due to the three-day summer festival of folk classical music and folk dance exhibits organized every year. The festival closes along with marvelous fireworks. Mount Abu is also well-known for the Rajasthani handicrafts.



Panchgani literally signifies as the location of hills. The hill station of Panchgani has a mesmerizing natural beauty with hills on one side and lush green plains on the other side.

Table land at panchgani hill station


The environment of Panchgani is still free from the hydrocarbons and other kind of pollution, and is an ideal spot for a family retreat. With pleasurable weather all year round, the place has several beautiful locations such as the caves of Devil Kitchen and Pandhavgad. The Parsi Point gives a spectacular view of the Krishna valley.



Lonavala is a hill station located in the western part of Maharashtra at a height of 625 meters above sea level. Lonavala is a well-liked health resort with individuals having physical and mental treatments and visit this destination, to get a share of the uncontaminated air and exotic natural greenery. Chikki, a hard sweet made from nuts and Gur, is a popular delicacy found here. Lonavala is additionally an ideal Honeymoon getaway for couples, and for sports activities like hiking and trekking.



Nestled within the Shayadri hills range, Matheran isn’t far from Mumbai. The little hill station was first discovered by an Englishman Hugh Mallet during 1950. Ever since then Matheran has well preserved its natural charm for its visitors. The motor vehicles are not permitted to enter in Matheran and therefore the environment is always fresh and clean.

A Road at matheran hill station


The landscapes are untapped and gorgeous. The paths are shady with thick forests and extend to infinite lengths. The sole mode of transport in the town is hand-pulled rickshaws and horses. Because of its closeness to the city of Mumbai, Matheran has gained extreme popularity among the tourists and visitors coming to Mumbai. The hill station offers delightful views of the Western Ghats and also of the lush green plains. The hill station has a human population of around 5,500 individuals where Marathi, Hindi and English are the primarily spoken languages.


Pilgrimage Destinations of west India

India is a country enriched with many different and ancient civilizations. When you travel in India you will discover diverse cultures and religions in practice within the country. The nation is the home of various pilgrimage destinations. So when you begin a West India pilgrimage tour you’ll find numerous remarkable places of worship.

Somnath temple Gujarat

Explore the several west India pilgrimage sites such as Ajmer Shariff, Dwarka, Shirdi Sai Baba, Basillica of Born Jesus in Goa, Ganapatipule, Jama Masjid and somnath temple in Gujarat. You will likely be fascinated by various charms that all these pilgrimage destinations offers.






Wildlife Destinations of West India

The Indian subcontinent offers a remarkably rich and diverse wildlife and thus the home of numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which exists among the most popular and primary tourist destinations of the country.

Gir national park-Gujarat


In India some of the finest and most recognized wildlife sanctuaries are located within the Western part of the country, comprising the states of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra and some parts of Rajasthan. The Wildlife Destinations in Western India are some of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the whole country.

The most significant and preferred Wildlife Destinations in Western part of  India are the  most popular Gir National Park in Sasangir (Gujarat), The Velavadar National Park (Gujarat), Tadoba National Park (Maharashtra), Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa, The Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary (Gujarat), Marine National Park and Sanctuary (Gujarat) and the Krishnagiri Upavan National Park (Maharashtra) .

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