Situated on the banks of River Hooghly, Kolkata is the third largest metropolitan of India and the capital of West Bengal. Being the former capital of British govt in India, the city has very closely witnessed the British colonial period in India. Today’s Kolkata is a good intersection among the Victorian British lifestyle and modern time Indian chaos.

Kolkata - City of fairs and Festivals


This unique blend has amazingly created the colorful city of Kolkata, which in turn a tourist paradise and technological centre. The city is usually renowned as the ‘City of Festivals’ and the ‘City of Joy’ and almost any visitor of Kolkata will totally agree. Kolkata has its very own charms that help make it one of the must check out places in India for the holidaymakers from all around the world.

It would certainly take you some days simply to surf the many layers, which make this splendid city. Kolkata, a place to expect unique and the most unbelievable, is Bengali cuisines with famous Fish curry, a maze of Victorian buildings, Indian bazaars and a wealthy culture that typically describes the place.

Durga Puja Pandal - Kolkata

Kolkata is a land of fairs and festivals and gets an enchanting and all different look during one of the several festivals and fairs it observes. The most significant of these festivals is the Durga Puja, a festival that celebrates and honors the victory of Goddess Durga over the evils. The entire atmosphere is infused with a joyful spirit and elaborate rituals and traditions are observed with much religiosity. The best time to interact socially and enjoy upon great food.


Kolkata is home to a lot of temples which includes Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Parsi Fire Temple, Japanese Buddhist Temple, Kalighat, Belur Math,  Pareshnath Jain Temple,Armenian Church, Nakhoda Mosque, Maghen David Synagogue,  St. Paul’s Cathedral and St. John’s Church, etc. You can visit numerous sites in the city like the Eden Gardens Stadium, Zoological Garden, Shahid Minar, Outram Ghat, Rabindra Sarovar, Kolkata Maidan,Horticultural Garden,   Race Course and Chowringhee Lane.


Come in winters and the sweetshops of Kolkata usually overloaded with wonderful lips smacking sweetmeats made with new and refreshing jaggery. Long walks all around its churches and lawns around Eden Gardens and Victoria Memorial make for a marvelous cool evening spend. This is also the very best time to plan a weekend break trip to neighborhood places like Bakhali and Sundarbans wildlife sanctuary around Kolkata.


Major Tourist Attractions in Kolkata Are-

Victoria Memorial

Undoubtedly, the most renowned landmark and the best examples of Victorian Architecture, this Memorial was built in honor of the Queen Victoria. One of the efforts of the British to duplicate the Taj, it is a museum that consists of a variety of artifacts and exceptional memorabilia from the colonial days.

Eden Gardens Stadium

Eden gardens stadium Kolkata


Eden Gardens is a popular cricket ground in Kolkata. It is the home of the cricket team of Bengal and the Indian Premier League’s team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, The stadium is a popular venue for One Day International, Test and Twenty-20 International matches. The stadium is the largest cricket stadium in India and third largest in the entire world by means of seating capacity, it is recognized being one of the most legendary cricket stadiums in India. The stadium is also called “cricket’s answer to the Colosseum and is a renowned tourist attraction of Kolkata.

The Indian Museum

The Indian Museum is located in the Chowringee area of Kolkata and is one of the very first museums in the country. Built in 1877, this Italian styled building houses an exhaustive collection of rare artifacts, fossils and bones that are a collector’s delight. The Museum is open all the year and the entry fee is around Rs.10 only.

The Howrah Bridge

The Howrah Bridge is the renowned landmark of the city of Kolkata and is located nearby the Howrah railway station of Kolkata. It is among one of the very few freestanding cable bridges in the world and is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Kolkata.

Birla Temple

Birla Mandir Kolkata

Birla Temple is a beautiful temple in the Ballygunge area of the city and is one of key tourist attractions in Kolkata. It was built by the industrialist the Birlas and is devoted to Lord Krishna. It is famous for its unique architecture and complex carvings and paintings.


Tagore House

Tagore House is located in North Kolkata and is the ancestral home of Rabindranath Tagore, the great Bengali nationalist and poet. Tagore house right now is acting as Rabindra Bharati University, which is now an important centre for Indian Classical Fine Arts.

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